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Welcome to WSCA-NASPO
Welcome to NASPO ValuePoint
Welcome to the NASPO ValuePoint Copiers, Printers & Related Devices 2014-2019
Contract number: 3091

This is the HP NASPO ValuePoint Copiers, Printers & Related Devices contract that will assist you in obtaining HP Printer Products and related Services available off the contract. This contract includes the option to purchase or lease product and/or obtain services as definition and allowed under the contract. Please note that the product purchase catalog is available at this site. For product purchases with services, additional discounting on the product may be available. For Services please contact the following HP team members for a quote or Statement of Work (SOW) based on the pricing schedule.

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Click here for the Master Agreement

West Coast: Leonard Hannemann, Regional Sales Manager, 801.750.6384 or leonardh@hp.com
East Coast: Eric Simon, Regional Sales Manager, 631.375.1468 or eric.simon@hp.com

For all other items, contact
Contract Sales Management contact: Debra Lee, 847.922.2977 or debra.lee@hp.com

If you are an eligible agency in a specific State and your State has signed a Participating Addendum with HP, the State will be highlighted in Blue on the map below. Simply click on your specific State to start shopping for standalone product purchases.

Please click here for the State of Rhode Island Copiers, Printers and Related Devices Site.

US Map - WSCA Managed Print Services are in blue South Carolina North Dakota Washington Kentucky Iowa Montana Rhode Island Idaho
To participate

Please note: If your state is a participant and you are listed as an eligible agency under that Participating Addendum you do not need to sign a Participating Addendum.
Please feel free to contact (Debra Lee) or visit the NASPO ValuePoint PC Contract website through www.naspovaluepoint.org to obtain information on "How to Participate." You can also email pa@naspovaluepoint.org and be sure to provide your entity name, contact name, address (including STATE in which your entity operates or is asking to use contract).