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Contract number: MNNVP-133

FOR ONLINE ORDERS PLEASE CLICK ON THE MAP FOR THE STATE WHERE YOU ARE LOCATED. Only those individual entities that signed their own PA should click the Online store on left hand side of the screen.

HP is recalling batteries shipped with specific HP ProBook and ENVY Commercial notebooks. Customers should cease use of affected batteries immediately. See the HP Battery Recall website at: and see the recall notice by clicking here.

For the HP 2015-2020 NASPO ValuePoint PC Products & Services Schedule (PSS) Price List for Bands 1-3 click here for historical price files or more information, please contact Debra Lee at or 847.537.0344.

About the program

Click here for the HP Extension Amendment through 3/30/2020

Click here for the HP Assignment Agreement

Click here for the NaspoValuePoint PC Master Agreement (MA)

Click here for the NaspoValuePoint PC Solicitation (RFP)

Click here for the NaspoValuePoint PC Solicitation Response

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IMPORTANT PLEASE NOTE: To receive the full benefits of all of the aspects of the NASPO ValuePoint Contract, Purchase Orders must be made out to HP Inc. only (not the reseller agent), unless specifically noted on the State site. Please click on the map for the State for details.

This is the NaspoValuePoint Computers Equipment including Related Peripherals and Services Contract website that will assist you in obtaining HP Product and Services Schedule (PSS) available products off the contract. The NaspoValuePoint PC contract PSS includes Bands 1-Desktops, Band 2-Notebooks, Band 3-Tablets and Peripherals (monitors/printers), associated HP branded and third party hardware and software and Services that fall within the scope and definition as allowed under the contract.

If you are an eligible agency in a specific State and your State has signed a Participating Addendum with HP, the State will be highlighted in Blue on the map below. Simply click on your specific State to start.

US Map - NASPO ValuePoint State Contracts are in blue Illinois Florida Utah Illinois Arizona Wyoming South Dakota Maine Idaho Kansas North Dakota Michigan Nevada Delaware Alaska Louisiana New Jersey Missouri New Hampshire Connecticut Hawaii Nebraska South Carolina Washington Montana Colorado Southern California Northern California Arkansas Ohio Kentucky Wisconsin Vermont Minnesota Iowa Oklahoma New Mexico Rhode Island Tennessee
To participate

Please note: If your state is a participant and you are listed as an eligible agency under that Participating Addendum you do not need to sign a Participating Addendum.
Please feel free to contact (Debra Lee) or visit the NASPO ValuePoint PC Contract website through to obtain information on "How to Participate." You can also email and be sure to provide your entity name, contact name, address (including STATE in which your entity operates or is asking to use contract).