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Adapters are printed circuit boards that enable a personal computer to use a peripheral device - such as a CD-ROM drive, modem or joystick - which it does not already have the necessary connections, ports, or circuit boards for.
AntiVirus Software
A computer program that examines incoming files for viruses, and scans acomputer's memory and mass storage to identify, isolate and eliminatethem.
B&W Printers
A computer printer that can print black-and-white output
Backup devices
Devices that are used for data backup purposes. These devices utilize mediawith high storage capacities for backing up large volumes of data. Examples ofbackup devices include tape drives, CD burners and DVD burners.
Batteries are devices consisting of one or more cells that can produce adirect current by converting chemical energy to electrical energy. Theytypically have positive and negative terminals that must be connected to allowthe current to flow.
A Biometrics PC Card uses a tiny camera in the PC card which captures animage of the user's fingerprint. The image is then converted into a unique"map" of minutiae points. This map is encrypted and stored within thecomputer or network. Once a user's fingerprint is registered, the logonprocess is simple and fast.
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Cables are a collection of wires shielded within a protective sheath thatare used to connect peripheral devices - such as mouse, a keyboard or a printer- to a computer.
Carrying Cases
Rugged handheld or off-the-shoulder cases tailored specifically forcarrying your laptop or computer peripherals, with padding that provides yourvaluables with some extra protection against bumps or the occasional drop.
A CD-ROM drive is an optical drive that reads compact discs. The compactdisc, or CD, can store up to 700 megabytes of data, which makes it a verypopular vehicle for delivering software to be installed, as well as for filebackup. The CD-ROM can read computer "burned" discs as well as audioCDs.
A chipset refers to the chips that control the functions and features on amotherboard, such as how much memory the motherboard will take and whatprocessors are compatible.
Color Printers
A computer printer that can print full-color output. Most color printerscan also produce black-and-white output
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Digital Imaging
Digital imaging refers to the practice of capturing, inputting and/ormanipulating electronic image data. Devices that perform these functionsinclude digital cameras, scanners and/or software.
A term used to describe 1.44MB 3.5 inch diskettes. Also known as a"floppy disk".
Term used to describe the characteristics of the output of a computermonitor. A monitor is the physical unit, while display refers to the screenitself. Features include pixel resolution, pitch and refresh rate.
A DVD or Digital Video/Versatile/Variable Disc drive is an optical drivethat reads both CDs and DVDs. Though they are the same physical size as CDs,DVD discs have a much higher data capacity - 4.7 to 12 gigabytes! This largedata capacity makes it possible for entire movies to be contained on a singleDVD, for playback on your computer. It also makes the DVD a very desirablemedium for storage.
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Floppy Disk Drive
A 3.5 inch disk drive that uses 1.44MB floppy disks, or diskettes.
Form factor
This term is used in regard to the relationship between motherboards, casesand power supplies - they must have compatible form factors in order to be usedtogether.
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Hard Drives
A device which stores data on the computer for an unlimited amount of time,unless physically deleted.
Hot plug tape drives
Tape drives that can be attached and unattached from the computer while thecomputer is running.
Hot-pluggable SCSI hard drives for servers
Hard drives connected to the server via a SCSI interface that can beattached and unattached to the server while the server is running.
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I/O or Input/Output, refers to any situation involving the transferring ofdata in or out of the computer.
Interconnect tray
This is a device which, when plugged into the back of the server bladeenclosure, will route network connections out the back of the enclosure fromthe server blades.
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An input device for PCs which contains all of the letters in the alphabet,the numbers 0 through 9, and special function keys.
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Physical material, such as disks or tape, used for storing computer-basedinformation.
Commonly referred to as RAM, memory chips store data in the computer forfaster access to the data at a later point, while the computer is still poweredon.
Memory board
An expansion device you attach to the motherboard that provides you withmore slots in which to put sticks of memory.
A device that enables the user to "dial in" to the Internet via astandard phone line. It translates digital signals from the computer intoanalog signals that can pass along a telephone line. When analog signals comeback along the telephone line, the modem then translates them back into digitalsignals, for use by the computer.
A device on which output from the computer is viewed. A monitor is thephysical unit, while display refers to the screen itself.
A pointing device that uses a roller ball or laser on the bottom to detectmotion.
A drive bay on hp notebooks in which you can swap drives - such as a harddrive, CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive - as you need them. MultiBay devices may beswapped with the system powered on under Microsoft Windows XP or MicrosoftWindows 2000. MultiBay devices can be swapped with system power off under anysupported operating system.
MultiBay Drives
Individual drives - such as CD-ROM, CD-RW, DVD-ROM or hard drive - that maybe snapped into the MultiBay port of your notebook, to expand itscapabilities.
Multifunction All-in-ones
A device that performs more than one function. Typical all-in-ones haveprinting, copying, faxing and scanning capability and have USB ports and flashcard readers for increased connectivity and usability.
MultiPort options for notebooks
Notebook MultiPort options consist of a bluetooth wireless module, a 4-port USB 1.1 self- or bus-powered ultra-mini hub and an 802.11b wireless LAN W200 module.
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Network Card
The Network Interface Card, or NIC, is an add-in card that enables acomputer to connect to some form of computer network.
Network management
Network infrastructures have become more complex than ever. HP OpenViewoffers enterprises and service providers the ability to manage voice and datanetworks through a modular set of products and services that are tuned to yourspecific needs.
The Network Interface Card, or NIC, is an add-in card that enables acomputer to connect to some form of computer network.
Notebook accessories
Devices that add to the functionality, comfort and protection of yournotebook. Accessories include pointing devices, carrying cases and extrabatteries.
Notebook Docking Solutions
The purpose of a docking station is to allow the user to add peripheralsfor the sake of convenience - such as a larger monitor, full-sized keyboard ormouse - to make the notebook function more like a familiar desktop machine. Italso provides ports into which you can plug other peripheral devices such as aprinter, or other USB devices.
Notebook Expansion Units
Devices like a docking station or port replicator, which extend thecapability of the notebook and allow you to attach more devices to it.
Notebook hard drives
Hard drives tailored specifically to the form factor of the notebookcomputer.
Notebook removable storage and optical drives
Removable storage devices such as Zip or SuperDisk drives and opticaldrives such as external CD-RW or DVD-ROM drives that are made specifically forinteraction with the notebook computer.
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Operating System
An operating system is the program that you must have on your computer inorder to perform basic functions. Popular operating systems include Windows XP,Windows 2000, Mac OS, and UNIX.
Optical Drive
A storage device that uses light to store data instead of magnetism, suchas CD-ROM, CD-RW or DVD-ROM. It is usually written by a laser.
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PCI Expansion (internal)
A slot into which a PCI card may be plugged in order to allow anotherdevice to be added to the computer via a cable, such as an Ethernet or USBcard.
Pointing Device
A pointing device - such as a mouse, stylus or joystick - enables the userto perform a multitude of functions - such as manipulate items on the screen,create drawings, play games or select items.
The processor, also known as the Central Processing Unit, or CPU, is the"brains" of the computer.
A device that, when attached to your computer, will project whatever ison-screen onto a wall or wallscreen of your choice. These days projectors areportable devices and are great for presentations and tutorials.
ProLiant Essentials software
Recovery Server Option (RSO) is a ProLiant Essentials software that allowsan active-standby configuration of two servers where one server acts as theprimary or active server and the second is the recovery server in a passive orpre-initialization mode. When a fatal fault is detected in either the server orthe operating systems of the primary server, the recovery unit will initializeand take over. The ProLiant Essentials Workload Management Pack (WMP) the toolsyou need to safely consolidate applications or optimize performance.
Protocols are behaviors that computers must follow, or language they mustuse, if they are to communicate with one another.
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Removable Storage
Type of storage which allows you to remove the actual media from a driveand replace it with other media. Types of removable storage media includeCD-ROM disks, floppy disks and Iomega's Jaz and Zip disks.
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Term to describe the function performed by a scanner, a device used to copyand transmit an image from a physical source (e.g., photograph or a book) intoa computer.
SCSI based tape devices
A tape device that connects to the computer via a SCSI interface. SCSI isthe fastest and most flexible method of interfacing with hard drives.
Security cards for ProLiant servers
The Accelerator Cards are specialized co-processors for ProLiant and HPapplication servers that accelerates SSL cryptographic processing to providecustomers the head room to cost-effectively handle peaks in transactionvolumes.
Smart card readers
Provides integrated and cost effective security solutions that preventunauthorized access to business information and allows secured transactions foreCommerce. The smart card product line provides customers with acost-effective, mainstream solution for security access and digitaltransactions in secured environments.
Sound Card
A peripheral device used for producing sound and music. Although PCs come with a speaker, they do not do a good job at playing music. A sound card produces a much better reproduction of the sound, much more effortlessly than the PC itself.
Storage controller
A card attached via a PCI slot on the motherboard that allows theconnection of two or more storage devices to it in order to provide dataredundancy.
Surge Protectors
A specialized outlet that uses capacitors to keep unexpected surges ofpower from damaging electronic devices.
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Tablet PC stylus options
Use a Tablet PC Pen as a replacement or as an extra pen for convenient access.
Tape autoloaders
A tape backup device that has slots for multiple tape cartridges. You canload the entire week's backup cartridges into the drive at one time and thedevice will automatically load a new one each day.
Tape media
The physical material used for storing computer-based information via atape drive. Tape drives are commonly used for backup and recoverypurposes.
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Uninterruptible power systems
The Uninterriptible Power Supply, or UPS,  is a device that contains abattery and some circuitry to supply your computer with power for a predefinedtime, should there be any sort of interruption in the outlet power.
USB Expansion 
USB, or Universal Serial Bus, refers to a technology that is much fasterthan serial and parallel communications. USB can connect up to 127 peripherals- such as external CD-ROM drives, printers, modems, mice, and keyboards - tothe system through a single, general-purpose port.
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Video memory
Memory, commonly refered to as VRAM, that is made specifically for videoapplications.
A broad term used to describe a group consisting of software, graphicscards, webcams and video editing cards.
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A guarantee given to the purchaser by a company stating that a product isreliable and free from known defects, and that the seller will repair orreplace defective parts free of charge, within a given time limit and undercertain conditions.
Wireless hardware
Computer devices designed to work with wireless infrared technology such asa network (NIC) card, modem, gateway or keyboard.
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Zip Drives
A disk drive developed by Iomega that uses 3.5-inch removable disks (Zipdisks) in two different capacities: 100 and 250 megabytes of data.
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